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Double rainbow during thunderstorms in Australia

A rare double rainbow phenomenon captured by photographers while recording a thunderstorm in Western Australia.

Photographer Geoff Green accidentally captured the moment a double rainbow formed in a thunderstorm cloud in Kimberley, Western Australia, late last month, according to Storyful.

The video was taken at a time when much of Western Australia is experiencing a record-breaking rainy season, with rainfall in the Kimberley region in the last four days of January reaching 639mm.

The rainbow phenomenon occurs when the sun’s rays meet water droplets in the air. Light is bent (refracted) or bent (reflected) and often focused in an arc on the opposite side of the Sun, creating a single rainbow.

In some cases, sunlight will encounter water droplets of different sizes in the air, usually due to two showers at the same time.

At this time, the light rays that are neither refracted nor reflected are concentrated in an arc as usual, but on two different arcs, forming a double rainbow, according to Dr Wojciech Jarosz of the Disney Research Center in Zurich. , in Swiss.

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