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The mother cow was seriously injured while eating bread stuffed with explosives inside, revealing the method of repelling animals and hunting wild animals.

The dynamite cake caused a very serious injury to the mother’s mouth, but luckily it delivered a baby safe in the womb anyway.

Last week, the global social network simultaneously mourned the case of a pregnant baby elephant mother Malappuram, in India, who died standing in the middle of the river after wrongly eating a pineapple stuffed with explosives by villagers. We know that it is a kind of trap used by the villagers to repel wild boars and protect crops.
In order not to be heartbroken because of the above incident, also last week a mother cow suffered the same injury as an unhappy elephant while eating a bread containing flour containing explosives. According to the Hindustan Times, the incident took place in Hilmachal Pradesh, Bilaspur district, Haryana state (India).
The mother cow was seriously injured after eating a cake filled with explosives inside.
On 06/06, the owner of the cow, Gurdayal Singh uploaded a video recording the injury to the animal. As a result, after eating the cake containing the explosives, the animal’s jaw was seriously injured. The good news is that the cow was born successfully again, but now that she can’t eat anything, the family have found other ways to feed the animal.
According to the owner’s claims, the one who caused this was Nand Lal Dhiman, the neighbor arrested by police on the same day. According to the Times Now newspaper, police attended the scene with a medical team to deal with the pitiful animal. As Singh said, that day he suddenly heard an explosion about 20 yards from his house, when he ran towards he found out about the incident. The owner then filed a complaint about the neighbor’s animal cruelty.
The explosion severely injured the animal’s jaw, rendering it unable to eat or drink.
Flour bread stuffed with explosives (called the “aalu bomb”) is a kind of trap used by farmers to keep wild animals away from the burnt fields of Himachal. Some localities in India, including Himachal, often use this method to hunt wild game, which is illegal.
Instagram account @animalhopeandwellness, where the heart-wrenching photos were posted, said the cow was considered by the owner to be a member of the family, he did not raise her for meat. Fortunately, this charity agreed to pay for medical care and support the family through hardship.

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