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The unknown about rare species of white tigers

As an extremely rare species of tiger listed in the Red Book, the white tiger is considered by many Asian countries to be a kind of beast.

At the Ermival-le-Veau Zoo (France) there is a very rare family of white tigers – a tiger mother named Lisa has just given birth to two very beautiful baby tigers.

The two tigers are like a child’s favorite toy. The fur was smooth and tousled like a bunch of cotton, the blue eyes filled with a surprised look around, the red and pink nose sniffed at the world that was too foreign to me.

The uncle enveloped his mother without taking a step. As for the mother tiger, who seemed both proud and fiercely protective of her two “pets”, she responded to the wholehearted care of familiar zoo staff.

Many visitors come here just to admire the unique and cute little tigers and the rarity that makes them even more adorable.

The white tiger is a very rare species listed in the Red Book, a natural wonder, belonging to the Bengal tiger living in Southeast Asia.

They differ from their counterparts in an outfit of indescribable beauty: pure white, studded with black stripes, both thick and soft.

White tigers are rarely seen in the wild as they are difficult to survive in the wild. The clothes are so splendid that they are easy to find for people to hunt, and sometimes hurt by their fellows because of “jealousy and anger” towards those who are favored by nature over them.

All known white tigers are the descendants of an “old” white tiger named Mokhan. In 1951, “old man” was discovered and captured by the hunting service in northern India. The beauty of the costume saved the “old people” from death. The Hunting Service usually kills any tigers they can catch, but with “old” they can’t afford to give it to a local warchief. He continued breeding and breeding.

How much effort and time Indian zoologists created the little white tigers to prevent the “old” Mokhan from being suicidal. Thanks to perseverance in reproduction, in 1958, Mokhan “old” had the first descendant of the white Bengal tiger.

Little by little this “noble” line of tigers has been restored. Until the end of the 70s of the last century, Indian zoologists provided descendants of “old” Mokhan to many zoos around the world.

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