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The couple suddenly ‘perfumed’ the millionaire in an instant just because he forgot to buy food for his cat

Instead of buying cat food at home, this man went to buy lottery scratch cards, but unexpectedly this “mistake” made him a millionaire. And the cat from now on will also live in happiness, fullness and will never fear starving again.

Surely after that, Andrew and his cat will become the “ mascot ” of the house to see, because thanks to this, Andrew suddenly takes a step “ towards incense ”, becoming a millionaire in a split second.

According to the original mission, Andrew was to buy food for his cat Shortcake, but when he went to a local gas station he forgot about it and instead of buying a box of Whiskas for cats, this man bought a Monopoly Millionaire lottery scratch card worth over VND 140,000.

Cặp vợ chồng bỗng lên hương hóa triệu phú trong tích tắc chỉ vì quên mua thức ăn cho mèo cưng - Ảnh 1.

“We were busy working for 12 hours and forgot to buy cat food, so I quickly ran to buy it. The plan was to refuel the car and buy food. But while I was paying for gasoline, “Andrew said. Then I just bought a scratch card and got in the car to sit down. At that point, I realized that I forgot to buy some cat food … I think it’s not too late to scratch and come back and buy it. A duck – the symbol of good luck – and I can’t believe what I’m seeing. I checked it several times and started to burn myself out when I found out I had won.

After realizing he had won big, Mr. Andrew went home immediately, of course, after buying some cat food, to inform the whole family. Paula, 43, his wife Andrew said: “He came home screaming ‘Paula, Xavier, come here quickly. “This painting.” I looked surprised, not forgetting to ask “Are you sure? Give it to me.”

Cặp vợ chồng bỗng lên hương hóa triệu phú trong tích tắc chỉ vì quên mua thức ăn cho mèo cưng - Ảnh 2.

The company that issued the scratch cards also confirmed that Andrew and his wife won a valid £ 1million prize. Everyone was happy, partying until morning, and the shortcake, although hungry because it was “pretty butter” to buy food, finally got another box of ham to comfort as well. Thank you, if it hadn’t been for the hungry shortcake Andrew wouldn’t have won the jackpot.

So from now on, the 6 year old cat will certainly no longer worry about the lack of food and according to the happy couple, he “will live a life of silk velvet”, every day will be served meals. eat first class. As for the Andrew and Paula families, after this fateful 24/7 they will have the money to pay off the mortgage, buy a new house, buy a new phone for their children and go to the Tokyo Olympics. Life will be better for “sen” and “boss”.

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