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The hot tub column is 470m high and reaches the top of the cliff

The unstable weather on the island of Suðuroy combined with certain natural conditions causes the swirling water column to quickly form above the sea surface.

Samy Jacobsen, 41, shot an interesting scene while walking near the cliffs of Suðuroy Island in the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic on January 6. The water rolls right next to the 470 meter high Beinisvørð cliff, reaching its peak before weakening and vanishing.

“I saw something swept in this area, but I never studied it closely. Around there are many small streams that flow backwards when there is a storm, a large amount of seawater is also swept away, blowing quite deep inside. Therefore, it is not always easy to determine what the phenomenon is, ”said Jacobsen.t.

Greg Dewhurst, a meteorologist at the British Weather Service (Met Office), said the scene in the video was very spectacular. “To us people in the operations center it looks like a whirlpool column. It’s a rather tornado phenomenon that forms on water, ”he explains.

“The cliffs contribute to the swirling winds and we believe that is why the water column formed relatively quickly. At that time, the weather in the area was unstable, sometimes there were heavy showers. combined, creating a vortex, ”added Dewhurst.

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