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The first time appeared the image of whales “ swallowing ” sea lions, but the most unexpected was the fate of prey

If you have ever heard of humpback whales, you will be a little surprised and immediately realize the absurdity of this photo.

On July 22, while hunting in the waters of Monterey Bay, California (USA), photographer and oceanographer Chase Dekker took a lifetime photo. The 27-year-old believes this is the first image of a humpback whale “swallowing” a sea lion on the planet.

That day, Chase first saw only 3 whales and about 200 sea lions. But luckily for you, they come in a crowd, up to 100 whales and 3,000 sea lions.

Both species hunt mullet. With such dense density, a rare encounter took place when the whale emerged, opening its mouth as if swallowing prey:

Photographer Chase believes that despite his fear, the sea lion escaped without being scratched. “We were watching the whales feasting when we encountered such a miraculous scene – probably only once in my life, it’s amazing! I only have a fraction of a second to capture this image. And it’s probably the only photo ever since whales rarely collide directly with sea lions, ”the photographer said.

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