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Graciously for a 4 year old girl, the thief “scares” the whole family, but then returns the most precious thing in the family

Unexpectedly, a family in Melbourne, Australia found their eight week old dog in a way that couldn’t be “more exotic.” Within days of performing the hack, the scammer suddenly changed his mind and returned the dog to the owner.

Mủi lòng thương bé gái 4 tuổi, tên trộm khoắng cả nhà nhưng sau đó trả lại thứ giá trị nhất của gia đình - Ảnh 1.

A companion dog named Sasha.

The burglary took place on Monday, when a fraudster broke into the house and took a total of a laptop, iPad and valuable jewelry. However, the thing that worries the owner the most is the disappearance of a dog like the Labrador named Sasha. He is a special friend of their 4 year old daughter, Maia.

Sasha’s owner Ryan Hood said: “The dog has only been in our house for a week, but it feels like he has become an indispensable member of the family for a long time. Tangerine with my daughter, we both sleep together on the mattress for Sasha.

Victoria State Police posted the disappearance notice on Twitter: “Police are investigating and looking for an 8-week-old puppy missing in a break-in in Croydon Hills on Monday.”

Despite their best efforts, the local police could not find the dog, both in the house and in the surrounding area. The search notification has therefore been issued. But something strange happened, somehow, Sasha suddenly returned home on Thursday, just 3 days after being found missing.

As for the thieves, the Victorian police continue to investigate to find the stolen items.

In short, in mishaps, there is still luck, right?

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