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Norway caught suspicious white dolphin trained by Russian Navy

A Norwegian fishing boat fell on a white dolphin with a belt swimming around its boat.

This interesting thing was provided to oceanographers by fishermen from Finnmark in northern Norway. This white dolphin has been described as versatile and tame. In addition to the belt worn around the body, dolphins do not wear any additional equipment.

Representatives of the Norwegian Oceanographic Research Group contacted Russian colleagues and said they had not recently attached any equipment to the dolphins. Therefore, it is possible that it was a dolphin trained by the Russian Navy at the Murmansk naval base.

Using mammals as soldiers is no longer a strange thing in the military. The United States has been developing a marine animal recognition training program since the Cold War.

Dolphins, sea lions, killer whales … are trained to detect mines under the sea, submarines or recover objects from wrecks.

This American program ended before the wave of wildlife protection.

Along with this white dolphin, the Norwegian fisherman believes he escaped from training camp, not having been released to harass the fishermen’s fishing.

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