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Smiling every time someone comes up for adoption, the Animal Rescue Station Dog melts the hearts of the online community.

A dark haired Labrado dog is extremely cute when he keeps “smiling” every time someone walks past his crib.

The main character of the story is a dog named Berreaux, a black-haired Labrado dog. Berreaux was taken to the Northwestern Louisiana Humanitarian Society, along with two other dogs named Joe and O, when he was only eight weeks old.

A volunteer named Sarah Walton who picked up 3 dogs. At that time, all three were very weak and tested positive for the Parvo virus, a very dangerous gastrointestinal virus, and usually only puppies are susceptible. In order to save the lives of the poor dogs, she immediately took them to the veterinary hospital. Fortunately, all three have recovered very well. Once fully recovered, Berreauxe, Joe and O were taken care of at the local animal rescue station.

Nhe răng cười toe toét mỗi lần có người đến nhận nuôi, chú chó ở trạm cứu hộ động vật khiến trái tim cộng đồng mạng tan chảy - Ảnh 2.

After Berreaux and his friends are brought here, Sarah is delighted to discover that the boy Berreaux has a habit of smiling very brightly when someone walks past his crib. Berreaux’s smile will be even brighter if someone praises him as a good and obedient dog, surely Berreaux is a baby who loves to be praised and “flattered”.

To find new owners for these adorable puppies, the station’s volunteers filmed them freely showing off their talents, then posted them on social media. Smart friend Joe has the ability to play the “Find Objects for Owner” game very well, so someone came and picked it up immediately. As for Berreaux, she posted a video of this puppy demonstrating his talent for making the hearts of others with his sweet smile. The video then quickly received nearly 200,000 views, hundreds of likes, comments and shares from the online community. Immediately after becoming an internet celebrity, barely a week later, a family from the same area came to ask Berreaux to raise.

According to Elliot Mason, dog behavior researcher: “Burreaux’s smile is more likely to be that of a submissive dog, sometimes dogs will know how to show that they are not in danger, in danger, and want to reassure viewers.

He claims this behavior is perfectly normal, but rare: “Some puppies do it by nature and will keep in the habit of seeing people show affection and respond positively to it. Their smiles.”

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