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Forgetting the mop on the balcony, the man was shocked when he saw the scene of “crying and laughing”

Recently, an account named N.S shared their “bad cry” story on a forum, quickly receiving thousands of “likes”.

As a result, the wife was not at home, so the husband was “lazy” to clean, leaving the broom to dry in the hallway for several days. When I remembered, I was surprised by the strange scene. A dove flew out of nowhere … eggs nestled right in the middle of the mop.

Quên chổi lau nhà ngoài ban công, người đàn ông thất kinh khi thấy cảnh tượng dở khóc dở cười  - Ảnh 1.

With the idea of “good soil and perched birds” it will certainly bring good luck to the family, so instead of chasing them, this man took care of the pigeons. The mother and son of the bird family stayed there day in and day out, even the owner tied an umbrella next to it to cover the sun and rain.

Netizens have expressed interest in the unexpected incident that N.S encountered, constantly praising the owner’s cute action.

“The owner of the house is so cute, she even covers an umbrella for” their mother and daughter. ”

“If my wife asked me ‘Why is the house so dirty’, there is a good reason, not only to be scolded for being lazy, but also to have a good reputation.”

“Don’t be stupid to put your hand where it broods, it will think that if it stings its nest it will be aggressive and it will peck it for you.”

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