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The eight-barbed yellow catfish is rare in Ca Mau

The yellow catfish weighs over 2 kg, is 65 cm long, has eight barbs which have just been trapped by the farmers of Ca Mau.

Cá trê vàng trông rất đẹp mắt được ông Dầy bắt được. Ảnh: Lâm Huỳnh.

Mr. Vo Van Day (48, from Tan Thanh district, Ca Mau town) visited a giant catfish (a tool for trapping fish and shrimp in the river) and saw a strange catfish enter in the trap yesterday. over 2kg, 65cm long and eight antennae, ”Thick said.

After a day spent in a pot, the fish took on a light yellow color but still different from normal catfish. Many curious people from the village came to Mr. Day’s house to see the strange fish.

In January, Nguyen Minh Trieu (35, in Gia Rai town, Bac Lieu), when he checked a fishing net in a pond near his home, he also caught a rare heavy golden catfish, but much smaller than his fish. Thick.

The elderly believed that it could be due to a genetic mutation that the fish had a golden color and had four more antennae than normal catfish.

According to the scientific world, the yellow catfish, scientifically known as Clarias cavernicola, is one of the few species of fish in the world, appearing in a cave in Namibia. This species has 8 antennae, including 2 large and 6 small.

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