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Why are cats and dogs suddenly unusually aroused?

When a normal eating dog suddenly runs around the house like a fire burning its tail, have you ever wondered why it is behaving so abnormally?

José Arce, President of the Veterinary Society of America explains, “When animals are having fun these bursts of energy are, technically known as Frenzied Periods of Random Exploitation (FRAP), nature is also seen in many people. many wild and domestic animals.

FRAPs can appear at random, but there are a few common triggers in dogs. When the owner lets the dog out of the kennel, the puppies can find a way to release the energy accumulated during the day. Likewise, an owner who comes home from work may make the dog run for a short time, such as exercising after a short, hour-long nap.

Another common time for FRAPs, says Arce, is that after taking a bath, they can release stressful energy or the excitement of being in the shower. A dog’s whole body shake is very effective, but it’s not really for drying out the body.

During this time, cats have many different triggers. At dusk and dawn, they are most active. They also tend to suffer from FRAP after grooming.

“They were really happy, so excited that they ran up and down the hallway and hopped onto the couch,” Arce said.

More resilient athletic breeds, like the Australian Shepherd Dog, can make them more common, Arce says, probably because they need regular energy.

Wild animals such as weasels and elephants also practice FRAP. This behavior is sometimes called “binkies” in rabbits and is considered a sign of arousal. A rabbit may appear to run, turn its head or body, and jump in the air.

Although FRAP is normal behavior, some pet owners misunderstand and fear that their dog is stressed or sick. They can confuse it with obsessive-compulsive behavior. Dogs with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can chase their tails, follow the darkness, get into the air like they’re trying to catch flies, and wipe the floor with their tongues. If you’re not sure your pet is showing symptoms of OCD, record the behavior video and show it to your vet.

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