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The dogs lie outside the hospital door waiting for their owner for more than 4 months

Although the owner died of a serious injury, the animal refused to leave a hospital in Brazil.

Cristine Sardella shared photos on Facebook of a dog refusing to leave the door of Santa Casa de Novo Horizonte Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to wait for the owner, reported today. The story of the faithful animal immediately aroused a lot of interest.

The dog’s owner is a homeless man who was taken to hospital after being stabbed in a street fight more than four months ago. The dog followed the ambulance to the hospital and patiently waited for the owner to return. Even though the person could not survive due to serious injuries, the animal continued to hang around outside.

Câu chuyện về con chó khiến nhiều người xúc động. Ảnh: Cristine Sardella.

Sardella believes humans still have a lot to learn from animals. “Waiting is futile, but her feelings for the owner are eternal,” she commented.

Sardella first saw the dog when she was due to go to the hospital. “He got up politely for everyone to pass, then went back to bed,” she said. A rescue organization recovered the animal once, but it escaped and then crossed three kilometers back to the hospital.

According to Osvaldo Sobrinho, the director of the hospital, an employee is waiting to adopt the dog when he is ready. Meanwhile, they ask a vet to get the vaccine and make sure the animal is healthy.

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