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CTO – technology connecting the company

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is like a bridge between departments, helping companies apply new technologies to transform and grow.

The Chief Technology Officer is behind the selection and development of digital solutions for his company, helping to improve productivity and promote business efficiency.

“CTO, or the technology leader in an organization, needs to be on any transformation project from the start. They take on the role of “bridge” between departments, processes, ”says Simon Wakeman, CEO of Deeson.

In Vietnam, the role of the CTO has been clearly defined in large organizations and companies. However, according to a VCCI survey, small and medium-sized enterprises account for more than 90% of the total number of enterprises with a low level of science, technology and innovation, as almost 80% are old technologies from the 1990s.

Cisco statistics in Vietnam in 2019 show that SMEs face many obstacles such as lack of skills and digital workforce (17%), lack of an IT platform strong enough to digital transformation (16.7%), lack of digital thinking or digital culture challenges in business (15.7%) …

By 2020, before the unpredictable fluctuations of Covid-19, organizations and businesses, large and small, will have no choice but to find new business directions, apply new technologies to transform and survive. and develop. At present, the role of the CTO or the technology leader in the company is also enhanced.

“Covid-19 has great effects, threatening the existence and development of businesses. Businesses have no other way but to transform digital to operate efficiently, increase their competitive advantage and research At the moment, the CTO is playing a key role in this transformation, ”said Mr. Vu Anh Tu, FPT Chief Technology Officer. “In this trend, slow organizations and businesses will be left out of the market. Therefore, CTOs and businesses need to orient themselves early and act quickly to ensure that the business not only stays firm but also grows. in the new normal period “.

According to Mr. Tu, technology is present in all aspects of life. Every day people use AI on smartphones, use the cloud with storage services … Technology also plays an important role in many activities of companies, organizations, aquatic factories, seafood, to providers of essential services, such as electricity, water, health, education … To develop and apply new technologies, the CTO is increasingly becoming an essential position.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nguyen Minh Quy, President of Novaon, said, “The role of CTO is increasing in the business in the digital age. In addition to professional management of the technology segment, they will now add a role. Advise management in digital transformation strategy and management of digital transformation projects from a technological perspective. Digital transformation will determine business resilience in the next 5-10 years, companies with a CTO strong will therefore have an advantage in this difficult course. “

Mr. Miten Marvania, CEO of Agio, shared a similar perspective on the information age: “The pandemic has fundamentally changed the position of the CTO. As organizations and businesses adapt to working from home. leading role in regulating the infrastructure from which businesses will succeed or fail “,

According to him, CTOs need to ‘reconfigure’ every aspect of the organization to suit the new style of work, flexibly switch between office work and remote work, ensuring that employees have access to the system efficiently and securely, wherever they are.

“The role of the CTO in some organizations is still not well understood or ambiguous, but their values are reinforced by crises like Covid-19, forming the CTO 2.0 generation,” said Marvania.

Vote for an excellent young CTO

To honor the contributions of CTOs, especially the emerging generation of technology leaders, VnExpress – Digitalization hosted the program to vote for CTO Young 2021.

The program is aimed at CTOs or technology leaders in organizations, companies, under 35 years of age and who have some track record in promoting the application of technology, finding the problem of growth through technology efficient for the business activities of the company.

Technical directors, tech leaders can nominate themselves or submit profiles to nominate worthy characters. It’s time to send the information from April 1 to April 23. The Top 10 Outstanding Young CTOs of 2021 will be selected based on the number of reader votes (30%) from April 26 to May 14 and the jury score (70%).

The honorary ceremony will take place as part of the CTO Summit event organized by VnExpress at the end of May in Ho Chi Minh City. Digital transformation events will allow CTOs to tell real work stories, share their experiences, lessons and challenges, as well as how they overcame to promote the digital converter for your business as well.

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