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Science proves it: the intelligence of dogs is only of the “normal” type in the animal world, more ignorant than cats

It turns out that in the animal kingdom, dogs have poor intelligence.

Most of us, especially those who love dogs, believe that dogs are excellent intelligent pets because after a period of training they can almost fully understand human willpower, even nimble obedience. to orders.

However, science has completely denied this, because according to a recently published study, researchers said: Canine intelligence is only “normal” in the animal world.

Khoa học chứng minh: Trí tuệ của chó chỉ thuộc loại bình thường” trong thế giới động vật, dốt hơn cả mèo - Ảnh 1.

Dogs aren’t as brilliantly intelligent as you might think

In particular, according to new research published by the University of Exeter and the University of Canterbury Christ Church, dogs are much more psychoactive than cats, but this factor is not significantly related to intelligence.

Instead, they analyzed aggregate data from over 300 previous studies on the smartest animals and found that dogs were ‘biased’ when compared intellectually to species like chimpanzees, pigeons, birds. hyenas, horses or dolphins.

Psychologist Stephen Lea from the University of Exeter says this as follows:

“In the course of our work, we realize that quite a bit of research on canine consciousness has been done to demonstrate how intelligent they are.

In it, they are often compared to chimpanzees, and every time the dogs get up people assume they have extraordinary intelligence. In all other cases, however, we also found valid comparisons between other animals, and at least they were as intelligent and as good as dogs in some onions.

The research team focused on five main areas to find the final conclusion, including: sensory perception, physical perception, spatial awareness, social awareness, and self-awareness. They compared the dogs to three different groups of animals that the dog was also classified into one of the groups including: predators, pets, and pack predators.

After testing, they found that the dog’s perception is not as extraordinary as one might think

Canterbury Christ Church University psychologist Britta Osthaus says:

“If you compare the three groups of animals above, it looks like cognitive dogs are just normal. I have high expectations for the puppies and it is not in their favor. Dogs are just dogs and we have to pay attention to their needs and real abilities before we think about how to treat them ”.

Khoa học chứng minh: Trí tuệ của chó chỉ thuộc loại bình thường” trong thế giới động vật, dốt hơn cả mèo - Ảnh 3.

Dogs are not at all as intelligent as cats

In fact, dogs’ intelligence is worse than cats, because in a study published in 2013, cats know perfectly well when you call them, but “bosses” simply choose to ignore you if they like where it is. . Not to mention wolves, who are definitely smarter than dogs.

But don’t worry, because that doesn’t mean dogs aren’t smart, and after all, they’re still humans’ closest and cutest friends, right?

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