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Interesting facts about the only cat that can live in the desert

Sand cats are desert species, they have an extremely cute shape like kittens throughout their lives.

Sand cats are desert species, they have an extremely cute shape like kittens throughout their lives. They can withstand −5 ° C (23 ° F) to 52 ° C (126 ° F) and can live without water for several months after eating.

Sand cats are found in sandy and rocky deserts, which are far removed from water sources. With its thick fur, the sand cat can adapt to extremely harsh environments, both hot and cold. They have short but very pointed forelegs while the hind feet are small and less pointed.

Like the great African fox, the long strands between the toes insulate the foot from hot sand. At the same time, it also helps this cat to disguise its footprints, which makes it difficult to track other species.

Sand cats are solitary species, in contact only when it is mating season. They communicate by smell, scratches and urine (especially for territorial marking). They have a habit of digging or reusing the caves of the defendant, abandoned hedgehog. In addition, this species also has the ability to accelerate the “championship”, up to 30-40 km / h. Quite a few for their body size.

Sand cats are also an “ evil ” predator, they mainly hunt rats, small birds and reptiles such as desert lizards, short-toed geckos, spiny lizards, sand snakes … even insects. Sand cats have a bite force of around 133.1 (force index / body size), the highest in the cat family.

Currently, this adorable cat is threatened with extinction. Although hunting has been banned in many countries around the world, some other countries still allow sand cat hunting like Egypt, Oman, United Arab Emirates … However, the situation is not too much. tragic. Although there are still countless organizations out there that are always ready to save these poor “little” friends.

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