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“Jade emperor wet Tan Kong”: The secret of Emperor Qianlong’s longevity

In ancient China, kings who only lived to age 60 were considered to have longevity. However, Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty lived to be 89 years old. He has a very simple secret, it’s “Ngoc Hien wet Tan Cong”.

“Ngoc Hien wet Tan Cong” is the name of ancient Chinese medicine, in fact the movement is very simple, it is “swallow saliva”. Every day, in addition to focusing on maintaining health, Emperor Qianlong performed this simple movement.

Saliva in ancient Chinese medicine is called “new gem translation”. Taoists teach that just consciously swallowing the saliva secreted under the tongue, doing it constantly every day can improve vitality, prolong life.

So how often does swallowing saliva benefit longevity?

1. Nutrient absorption

Our body needs a lot of nutrients every day to maintain its activity, the absorption of these nutrients often requires the enzyme amylase. And strangely enough, saliva contains a large amount of the enzyme amylase, which can help the human body to dissolve all the nutrients in food, which helps the body to absorb it better.

It is enough to chew often, in the mouth will be able to produce a large amount of saliva. Therefore, nutritionists recommend that you chew food well, in fact also so that the body can fully absorb the nutrients from food.

2. Antiseptic antidote

It is not natural that the old fake doctors Y call saliva “Translation of the golden pearl” because the saliva contains a substance called enzyme – can disinfect and destroy the poison.

We all know that there are many bacteria in the oral cavity, but the reason that our oral cavity is able to maintain good health is that the saliva on initiation has a very good antiseptic effect. When swallowed, saliva can kill bacteria in the digestive tract. At the same time, it helps to form the lining of the digestive tract, thus protecting our health.

Many people have a habit of holding their fingers in their mouths when they cut or bleed. After a while, they won’t see much bleeding. It is thanks to the antiseptic effect of saliva which can stop the bleeding and effectively fight the infection of the wound.

Knowing this, we can explain why in the natural world, when animals are injured, they use their tongue to lick the wound.

3. Improve body resistance

Scientists have found that saliva contains a substance called lysozyme which can effectively dissolve and eliminate pathogenic bacteria from the body. It will significantly reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria, protect the immune system from damage, thereby improving the resistance of the body.

4. Anti-aging

Historically, Emperor Qianlong could still hunt on horseback at the age of 80. When the British Ambassador attended Emperor Qianlong’s 83rd birthday, he noticed that the Emperor was nimble, very active. On his face with no trace of old age, he was still smiling and was no more than 60 years old.

The Emperor’s Outwardly Strong Health Manifesto showed that the ’emerald dampness’ gesture he performed started the effect really very well.

What’s more, research has shown that saliva contains parotid gland hormone – a hormone that can effectively break down free oxygen radicals, helping the body fight aging.

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