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The original bag in the belly of the cat and the unknown

As you may not have noticed, cats have an organ called the “primitive sac”. It is located along the cat’s belly. Many people still mistakenly believe that this is due to a large cat leading to a bulky belly.

José Arce, president of the Veterinary Association of America, said that what is called the “primitive sac” is still alive today in cats. All cats have “primitive bags,” but their size varies widely. Some are almost undetectable.

The “original bag” is not just for domestic cats.

There are three main theories as to why cats have this “quirky bag”.

The first is that it has the function of protecting the internal organs of the cat.

The second theory is that the bag allows the cat to move faster. This lasts while the cat is running, giving it more flexibility and the ability to go further.

Another possibility, a primitive bag, is extra space to store food after a big meal.

In the wild, they eat when possible and can store fat in their bags for days to come.

The “original bag” is not just for domestic cats. Large creatures in the feline family, such as lions and tigers, also have them for similar reasons. In domestic cats, “primitive vesicles” begin to develop in both males and females around the age of 6 months.

It is important that you know if your cat has a large “original bag” or if he is overweight. Just like in humans, obesity can lead to heart problems, diabetes, and high blood pressure, and being overweight can also increase your cat’s risk for arthritis and certain types of cancer.

One way to distinguish between “primitive bags” and obese cats in the shape of cats. Obese cats have a more rounded body than healthy weight cats with large pouches.

Another easier way to find out is if you have to press hard to feel your cat’s ribs, your cat is probably overweight. Finally, if the cat’s belly does not swing while running, this also indicates that it is overweight, not the “original bag”.

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