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Rare fish have giant eyes that sting fishermen

A Norwegian fisherman caught a ratfish with busy eyes almost halfway from a depth of 800m below sea level.

Fisherman Oscar Lundahl caught a bulbous, puffy-eyed fish off Andoya Island in northern Norway.

The fish with a special shape belongs to the rat fish (Chimaeras monstrosa), a relative of the shark which specializes in deep water and is very rare.

Although harmless to humans and only eating crustaceans such as crabs or sea slugs, the odd appearance of ratfish can scare any fisherman. Researchers say their giant eyes evolve to see in the dark.

Oscar used the mackerel as a 4 hook bait and dropped the fish to a depth of almost 800m. It took him 30 minutes to put the ratfish back together. However, due to the sudden change in pressure, the fish did not survive exiting the water.

Oscar took the carcass home to split the fillet and said it tasted like cod but better.


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