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In ancient Egypt, there was brave and paradise to kill this bird, the death penalty will await yo

But that was just a thing of the past, but today these birds are extremely hated because of their … salvage garbage.

The ibis bird was revered by the ancient Egyptians when they are considered the embodiment of Thoth, the god of wisdom. This deity often appears with the image of a related bird.

God Thoth – God of wisdom

If these storks die, their bodies will be marinated and kept in small ceramic jars. And in the ancient capital of Egypt – Memphis, scientists have discovered that hundreds of thousands of storks are kept in these pottery jars.

Ở thời Ai Cập cổ đại, có gan cùng trời giết loài chim này, án tử sẽ chờ bạn - Ảnh 1.
Thot Thot
After the discovery of the mummies, geneticist Sally Wasef began researching the DNA code of this ancient bird.
Wasef said that the stork is present for purity by its white feathers, the image of a crescent moon like their curved beak.

“The ancient Egyptians were so precious in this animal that you could be executed just for killing them. Even their bodies had to be pickled by the clergy.” – said Wasef.

“Much like lighted candles in a church, the ancient Egyptians again prayed for the urns containing the corpses for help or to thank Thoth. They believe it’s the stork. is the embodiment of Thoth on earth. “

Thousands of years later, the stork, present in Australia, is not very popular just because of its … trash.

“Storks are considered destructive. Many people hate them because of their habit of looking for food and jumping in the trash. This bird worship may have ended since the coronation of the Roman Empire. caused a huge shift in faith when the Egyptians were evangelized to God. “- Wasef shared more.

Habit of digging “poor” storks

She also said that while this species is no longer worshiped as before, there is still a lot of interesting things about their ancestors.

“It’s interesting to be able to apply scientific technology to discover things that history has never recorded.

DNA samples from storks show that the ancients hunted this species in another region and sent them to Egypt to meet the huge demand here.”

Theage, BBC

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