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New Mac computer will fuel the PC chip battle

Apple plans to introduce new Mac computers using self-developed chips. The move could reignite the race for computer chips and benefit companies like Qualcomm.

Intel and AMD dominated the computer chip market in 2006 after Apple started using chips based on Intel’s x86 architecture like most of its competitors. On November 10, “apple defect” will host a new event, starting the process of “farewell” to Intel after nearly 15 years of deadlock. The company plans to launch a new computer using a self-developed chip based on Arm technology.

Apple will design the chip using Arm technology and hand it over to its partner, likely TSMC, for production. TSMC currently supplies chips for the iPhone. Arm’s technology is also present in most Android phones.

Prior to that, from 2016, Qualcomm also partnered with Microsoft to convert Windows to a chip compatible with Arm-based Qualcomm chips. Qualcomm and Microsoft are working with computer manufacturers such as Lenovo and Asustek to sell laptops using these new chips. Just like Microsoft’s Surface Pro X.

At the moment, they are still considered niche markets, but once Apple enters them, it will grab the attention of users, especially when Apple’s chips can compete with performance. Intel chip.

Computers with Arm-based chips are quite different from those with Intel chips. As they are often used on smartphones, where power consumption is high, they have better batteries. Just like smartphones, they turn on quickly and constantly connect to the mobile network. Connectivity will shine when working from home is all the rage because of Covid-19, says Miguel Nunes, Senior Product Management Manager at Qualcomm.

However, computers with Arm-based chips still have to overcome many hurdles. Much of the software written in the past 20 years has been geared towards Intel chips, and if rewritten it could slow down. Intel is aware of this. In a statement, the company said its line of chips helps people use Windows programs smoothly.

The key test for Arm-based computers is whether the programmer will rewrite software used by large companies, said Ben Bajarin, analyst at Creative Strategies. Apple’s entry into the market does not guarantee that this will happen.

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