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9 IT industries benefit from a specific mechanism

As a result, the training disciplines applied a specific mechanism include: IT: (branch code 7480101); Computer network and data communication: 7480102; Software Engineering: 7480103; Computer Engineering: 7480106; Information system: 7480104; Management Information System: 7340405; Computer Engineering Technology: 7480108; Information technology: 7480201; Information security: 7480202;

Information technology applied in the socio-economic field (For example: IT applied to economic management; IT applied in technical branches, …).

On the basis of liaising with companies to ensure the employment of students after graduation, ensuring the conditions of facilities, equipment for training, practice, internships and trainers participating in the training, the training institutions are autonomous in determining enrollment quotas in the direction of expansion, expansion 2 diploma training and university training in computer science.

Students who study at the university after 1, 2, 3 years of other disciplines, if they wish, can be transferred to study computer science majors at the same institution or be transferred to other training institutions.

The criteria and conditions for change of discipline are specified by those in charge of the training establishments in the sense of the opening, the publicity and the guarantee of minimum conditions of entry to the training program. School transfer procedures comply with the law in force.

Adopt policies to attract foreign Vietnamese scientists and international computer experts to participate in training and scientific research encourage experts, technical staff and supervisory staff (collectively referred to as experts) with professional experience in companies to participate in the training of human resources in IT. These experts are people with a master’s or higher degree or a university graduate with 5 or more years of experience in the right disciplines participating in a training.

Based on an agreement with the partner companies on the proportion of time participating in the training of experts, the training establishments are counted as organic experts in accordance with the proportion of time participating in the training to determine the enrollment quotas. for IT industries.

Each year, training institutions coordinate with companies to calculate the rate of employed students, analyze and assess the level of satisfaction of the professional requirements of graduates in order to determine enrollment quotas, adapt training programs to the labor market.

As a result, regulations require IT training institutions to partner with companies, IT professional associations to forecast labor demand, set performance standards, and train students with knowledge, skills and knowledge. , skills to meet the demands of the job.

Regarding the training program, regulations oblige schools to adapt their IT training programs to application, openness and continuity, including core modules and optional modules. The core modules provide basic computer knowledge and skills.

The optional modules are intensive training directions in applied computer science. Research to introduce the training content of prestigious professional certificates in the world (eg: certificates from Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, …) into the practical training content to meet the output standards upon graduation. ..

The Ministry of Education and Training requires that the actual training time in the company must cover at least 30% of the total training time and is specified in the training program. Training institutions are responsible for reviewing, supervising and meeting quality assurance requirements for internships and practices at partner companies.

In particular, schools advertise on the training institution’s website and report to the Ministry of Education and Training on employment rate (12 months after graduation), level of satisfaction of professional requirements of computer science students after graduation.

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