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It’s true what they say that nature is loveable, love is peace and peace makes the world go round and round.

It’s true what they say that nature is loveable, love is peace and peace makes the world go round and round. But then again, we have the law of natural selection where every living thing competes for food, water, air, space and even mates.
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So, no matter how much you try, some living things, especially animals cannot get along with one another ever. And today, I’m going to tell you some of the reasons why some of those animals don’t see eye to eye. But if you love to hear stories about booking fights between animals, then #1 is for you. So, join me as I introduce you to ten different animals that absolutely hate each other!

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Well… well, let me kick off with two of the strongest and fiercest animals in the kingdom. But which among the duo would win in a fight? Woohoo! I’m not going to say for now. But I’m going to tell you why these two titans sometimes do lock horns big time, even though they both prefer to remain anonymous to each other under normal circumstances. To some experts, they believe that food competition is to blame for the occasional showdown that happens between rhinos and elephants, although there is still little evidence to support this. But be that as it may, rhinos and elephants do fight and the rhinos usually do end up losing. Sometimes, they even die. One of such interesting case happened at the Pliansberg reserve in South Africa when a herd of young bull elephants attacked a rare herd of black rhinos. By the time the fight was over, 40 of the rhinos had lost their lives. After some days of investigation, it became clear that the elephants that initiated the attack had previously lost their parents some weeks before that time.

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Since these two animals bear the same name and have the same niche, anyone would like to put them in the same place as pets. But that would be one of the most dangerous things to do because one moment they might climb and jump at each other. The next, the newt becomes a decent snack. But we can’t really blame the toad. You see, the fire belly toads are hungry maniacs which hunt and eat almost anything their size in front of them. So, just because the newt has the same fire-belly like they do won’t keep it anywhere near safe. The mere fact that their killer lives right next to them inside their home is enough to get them killed. But if in, one way or another, they luckily escape being eaten by the toad, they might end up losing a limb or two as in common cases. In other cases, the newt might even survive, probably because its enemy was saving it for a rainy day. But both amphibians release heavy toxins from their skins which according to experts can harm both parties.

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Mongooses and snakes are naturally sworn enemies programmed to kill one another. Although, most times, the mongooses usually come out on top because it possesses some of the most astounding adaptive features in the animal kingdom. For one, mongooses are resilient. They would eat almost any animal it sees provided that it can kill it. From rats to insects, everything is a fit, especially if the kill is a venomous snake. Mongooses have unbelievable reflexes that allow them to dodge strikes from these snakes. But that’s not the only thing that works against snakes.
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They also have a very rubbery fur which is almost impossible for most snake bites to penetrate. Even if the bites do find a way to sneak through, Mongooses are immune to snake venom, all thanks to special muscle receptors that prevent snake venom from combining with its cells. All these features combine makes them the perfect snake killer, and of course, their worst enemies. Because to mongooses, snakes are nothing but fresh, cold-blooded, wriggling spaghetti!

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By Source: FactFile/Youtube

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