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It’s a joke, the missing wedding ring was suddenly found stuck on a fish at the bottom of the ocean.

In life it is true that what is yours will flow and will come back to you, but what is not for you, no matter how hard it is to hide or cherish it, one day will fade away and simply fade away. your life.

Nathan Reeves and Suzie Quintal are the epitome of complete love, falling passionately in love and vowing to live and die together in a blissful marriage.

To nurture love, to bond in the family, wherever they go, they go hand in hand across the world.

More than anyone else, they all understand that in order to be able to have a happy family, in addition to sincere feelings for each other, it is also necessary to have harmony between the two families.

Therefore, although they live on the Gold Coast, the couple return to Norolk Island, located about 1,600 km east of Sydney, whenever they have the opportunity to find their own. family.

Of course, they cannot miss the Christmas break to be together with their family. In the West, this is the time when children, even if they are far away, come home to find each other, adults, however busy they may be, manage to spend full time with their spouses and children. , and the kids always do their best. to try to be better, to behave better, to hope that a miracle will happen, that Santa Claus will come and bring them gifts.

Well, Reeves’ house is near the sea as well, so he travels to the Emily Bay area a lot for a swim these days.

I don’t understand the mistake he made, but one day Mr. Reeves came home swimming and was watched by his sister-in-law from the door to the “heavy and light” meal. constantly asking for promises when the two spring green. Annoyed at being asked questions, Reeves resisted a few sentences that seemed to add fuel to the fire, her sister-in-law rushed over, waved her hand to slap her husband.

As he frantically raised his hand to grab it, Reeves suddenly realized that his hand felt lighter than usual, as if something was missing. After regaining his composure, looking closely, he realized the source of everything.

It turned out that the wedding ring, a testament to the couple’s love, had disappeared from her hand from time to time.

Despite great efforts to find it, the ring seemed to disappear into thin air.

Chuyện thật như đùa, chiếc nhẫn cưới mất tích ngày nào bỗng nhiên được tìm thấy mắc kẹt trên người một con cá dưới đáy đại dương ảnh 1

After nearly six months, one day in May, a resident named Susan Prior contacted Mr. Reeves to inform him that he had found the lost ring.

Before said, by chance discovered the wedding ring wrapped around a mule. It is a fish that lives in brackish, brackish and saltwater environments, often living in large groups, migrating to areas of deep water to reproduce.

Due to its small size, this fish is often trapped in rubber rings released by humans into the sea. However, seeing a fish stuck in the ring made Ms. Prior extremely concerned.

Because when the fish grows, it will be cut by the ring, causing serious injury.

Before, Ms Prior learned that the ring belonged to Mr Reeves’ family as soon after the incident, locals gathered to help find it. Some people are so enthusiastic that they even use metal detectors, but to no avail.

Mr Reeves’ family then left their contact details on the community’s Facebook page, which allowed Prior to find a way to make contact.

The good news from Sister Prior made Mr. Reeves extremely excited. Since leaving Norolk Island, his family has not had the opportunity to return.

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