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How far can dogs smell and hear?

According to scientists, dogs have more odor receptors than humans. The receptor is the part of the nose that helps them recognize every unique scent.

Dogs have more nose area. Air circulates better through our noses than we do, so they have a better chance of recognizing smells.

The distance a dog can smell depends on many factors, such as wind and the type of scent. Under perfect conditions, they can smell objects or people up to … 20 km.

Bất ngờ với 7 điều kỳ lạ mà một chú chó có thể ngửi ảnh 4In him, the bear has the best sense of smell. For example, polar bears can smell seals at a distance of up to 30 km, in fact, in addition to dogs, there are other animals that can smell the scents very well such as cats, bears and animals. skunks.

With a good sense of smell, dogs are animals that are not only kept as pets, they also help humans with many important jobs. Dogs can assist in the search and rescue of missing persons, searching for dangerous materials such as drugs and bombs, illegally imported at airports, and searching for wildlife.

Everything is done with their nose, which makes the dog one of the best sniffers in the world.

What About Dogs Hearing? What can dogs hear and at what distance? To find out, we must first talk about what dogs and all animals, including humans, can hear: “Frequency of sound”.

Dogs and listeners are the same at low frequencies (around 20Hz). But at high frequencies, dogs can hear up to 70-100 kHz, much better than people who are only 20 kHz.

At this point, maybe a lot of people will think of a special dog whistle, when we blow we hear absolutely nothing, but the dog can hear. The answer is that the dog’s whistle produces a high frequency sound that only dogs can hear. Also, since dogs can hear higher frequencies than us, dogs can hear more sounds.

Dogs can also hear softer sounds, or farther away, from miles away. This means that dogs may be more sensitive to loud sounds. This is why some dogs who are afraid of fireworks, thunderstorms, or a dog may bark at sounds you can’t hear.

The muscles in the ear are a part of your dog’s ability to hear. Dogs have over a dozen muscles that allow them to tilt, lift, and rotate each ear independently of each other. This will help your dog locate where the sound is coming from. This is also part of the reason the dog may tilt his head at certain sounds.

Their excellent hearing ability also gives dogs one of the most interesting jobs in helping people with disabilities. Their excellent hearing can identify people returning home or oncoming vehicles on a sidewalk to remind the owner.

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