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Two-eyed twins cause fever on social media

Twin cats named Iriss and Abyss in St. Petersburg, Russia have beautiful two-tone eyes that have attracted tens of thousands of Instagram followers.

According to All About Vision, the pair of cats have iris dyspigmentation, an inherited disease of the eye. The amount of melanin in the two eyes is different, giving cats a blue and golden brown eye.

The owner of the pair of cats said they had a white cat mother and a black and white furry binary cat.

The owner shared a photo of the pair of cats posing next to the beautiful flowers, the ball placed symmetrically on their heads or in a uniform adapted from a movie, according to Bored Panda.

According to the cat’s owners, Iriss and Abyss had completely natural white fur and deranged eyes.

“All purebred cats are the result of genetic selection. But in fact, we don’t have any purebred breeds to breed, and having all of these beautiful traits is really amazing. The ratio of having two colors. of eyes in cats is 1 / 1,000,000. We feel extremely lucky, ”said the owner.

Fans often compliment this pair of 9 month old cats like “I’ve never seen such a beautiful animal” or “They look like models”.

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