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Cats can cry too, and be careful with that

Have you ever seen your “emperor” cry? Don’t think it’s just an instinctive act. As a good owner, you will learn to appreciate your cat’s strange behavior.

Cats shed tears – not just emotions

This is because cats can sometimes shed tears or even float like a crying human. But it is not a simple emotional response.

According to a study published in Parade magazine, veterinarian Sheri Morris of the Oregon Veterinary Hospital (USA) pointed out that cats only shed tears when they react to stimulants that fall through the right window.

Mèo có thể rơi lệ, nhưng không phải vì cảm xúc.Cats can shed tears, but not out of emotion.

These irritants can be harmless, but they can also be dangerous if they are detergents, disinfectants or allergens.

In short, cats can shed tears, but not for emotional reasons like ours. When they are in pain, fear or loneliness, they do not shed tears, but there is another type of crying, which is based on screaming.

Crying is a characteristic cat crying pattern

Cats have many types of vocalizations, and according to scientific formatting there are around 7. But only 2 of them are like crying.

These are the sounds a kitten makes when hungry, cold, or scared. In addition, sickness and illness also make the cat “cry”. Or sometimes simply because the emperor is too old, which causes certain functions to decline and become unstable.

What these sounds have in common is that they sound a lot, loud and persistent, like the sound of a baby crying. So, if you see too many “Emperor” calls, the big possibility is that the “Dragon Body” is unstable, causing Lotus to be more careful.

Remember: cats, unlike dogs and humans. Cats can be anxious and stressed about the slightest change in the home, in the habits and behavior of those close to them.

Crying cat: what should a good owner do?

Whatever you do, don’t scold Her Majesty for yelling too much! In case the cat chirps too much, see if there is a “masculine” sound. And if you can’t find the cause, be sure to take your pet to a vet.

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