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Extremely interesting information about Corgi dogs that you can’t ignore

The Corgi dog from Wales, England, is the most popular dwarf breed in the world.

The Corgi dog is associated with many native Welsh legends, once considered a divine breed, with high status in England. Nowadays, the Corgi is very popular and one of the popular breeds.

Chó Corgi xuất hiện cách nay ít nhất 3000 năm tại xứ Wales.Corgi dogs appeared at least 3000 years ago in Wales.

Origin of the corgi

Corgi dogs appeared at least 3000 years ago in Wales. The corgi is closely related to the Alaskan Malamute, Husky Sibir, Samoyed, Phoc Soc (or Pomeranian),… and many other Nordic breeds. The Corgi breed is most likely derived from the Vallhunds (Swedish dwarf dog) in the pre-Viking era.

Pembroke Corgi and Cardigan Corgi

For thousands of years, the Corgi had only one variety, called the Welsh Corgi. In the 10th century, the ancient Corgi began to be mated with the Vallhund, a dwarf breed from the north, to form another branch. The first Corgi newly appeared in Pembrokeshire (Wales) should be called the Pembroke Welsh Corgi (or Pembroke Corgi for short), the old Corgi is called the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Basically these 2 corgi breeds look almost the same, but with a bigger Pembroke Corgi, taller body, and shorter legs. People often distinguish these two breeds based on their tails, Pembroke has a very short, short tail, and Cardigan has a conspicuous long tail. In Vietnam, the tallest Corgi is the Pembroke breed. Cardigan also has very little.

Characteristics of Corgi dogs

Tầm vóc chúng khoảng 30,5cm, trọng lượng đạt 12kg.Their size is about 30.5 cm, their weight is 12 kg.

A dog of medium height, a remarkably long body and short legs. Their size is about 30.5 cm, their weight is 12 kg.

The Corgi has traditionally been used as a hunting dog, raising large cattle by chasing herds and biting the heels of animals that refused to follow the herd, sometimes biting its owner.

Their short and short bodies prevent them from being hit by cattle. Available in reddish brown, black, titanium, with a white bib or not.

Corgi dog character

Both Corgi dog breeds are very emotional, tend to kiss and want to please their owners. Corgi are very intelligent, obedient, and very easy to train as they are very intelligent, ranking 11th in the AKC list of smartest breeds.

The Corgi are a working dog, they love to run and move around, so they have to play regularly in large spaces.

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