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The 5-legged sheep was born in England

A 5-legged sheep was born on a farm in England on March 31, and its health is completely normal.

Heather Hogarty, manager of Whitehouse Farm on the outskirts of the town of Morpeth in Northumberland County, said the five-legged sheep was one of three sheep born on the farm on March 31. The excess leg grows between the forelegs, has a normal shape, and is roughly the same size as the other legs. The people on the farm call him Quinto, the BBC reported.

“We have never met a legless animal like Quinto. This is the most unusual case on the farm, ”said Hogarty, who has worked on the farm for 16 years.

A veterinarian will assess Quinto’s condition over the next few days to decide whether to keep or amputate his excess leg.

Quinto quickly became the “star” of the farm. Despite the existence of an excess leg, it was moving and functioning properly. It seems that the excess leg is not a problem.

Sam Prescott, director of the Prescott Veterinary Center in Morpeth, said: “This is a very rare case, but we believe the genetic mutation is the cause of the sheep to have five legs. Was born with deformed body shapes, such as two heads.

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