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Discovery of eyeless fish in Iraq

Scientists from the German Institute of Freshwater Ecology named Leibniz have discovered blind and completely blind fish in Iraqi Kurdistan. These fish considered to be mutants swim on the surface of the underground stream and are soon eaten by the birds.

Biologists named this fish Eidinemacheilus proudlovei, belonging to the salmon family. Unlike the moth, they have no eyes, no scales, and colorless skin. International biologists hypothesize that the fish living in these underground streams feed on bacterial membranes clinging to the walls of deep caves.

Mr. Dmitrij Paladov, Department of Aquaculture, MGU University, Russia, pointed out that blind fish, sometimes completely without eyes, is not new to the organic world. In Syria, the Caucasus, Turkmenistan have also discovered such fish. When the water rises, they rise to the surface. During their evolution, these fish lost their sight because underground, they no longer needed eyes.

They search for food through the organs along the flank. In principle, fish all have unique sensors along their body that detect the flow of water, but in fish that live underground in the ground, these organs are highly developed. Russian scientists also recently discovered such a blind fish in western Georgia and are currently working to determine its genome.

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