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Discovered rare two-headed snake in Florida

A family in Palm Harbor, Florida, USA found a two-headed snake. This rare reptile was then transferred to local authorities, NBC News reported.

The Florida Institute of Aquatic and Wildlife Research said the male two-headed black snake is due to unmatched monozygotic twins during embryo development.

“Double-headed snakes are difficult to survive in the natural environment because two brains make different decisions, thus limiting their ability to hunt or escape enemies,” the agency added.

Both ends of the snake are known to be able to move the tongue, respond to separate movements, and sometimes respond to stimuli in different ways.

Black snakes do not contain venom and are relatively common in Florida. According to the state’s Natural History Museum, some of the recent generation species have gray bodies with reddish-brown spots.

Adult black snakes usually have white markings under the mouth and on the neck. According to the people of Florida, the bite of this species is harmless but can cause some discomfort.

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