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Dogs wait outside the hospital where the owner died 8 months ago

A dog in Brazil waits patiently outside the door of the hospital, where its owner died eight months ago.

Oddity Central reported on August 9 that a black dog named Negao had been waiting for eight months outside Ruth Cardoso Hospital in Santa Catarina state, Brazil.

Late last year, the homeless man, the dog’s owner, was rushed to hospital due to unconsciousness on the road. When the owner was taken to the hospital, Negao ran after an ambulance and stood in front of the door, watching the owner being pushed inside. However, doctors diagnosed the man with a serious infection and he died in hospital a few days later.

At this time, Negao persisted in waiting for his master’s return not knowing that he was dead and unable to meet him. During the eight months, the dog never went too far from the hospital door, where he last saw his owner. Whenever an ambulance brought a patient, Negao would listen and follow closely to see if the car was carrying its owner.

Negao’s presence quickly caught the attention of hospital staff. After discovering the dog, they take turns bringing food and water for him and at the same time finding shelter for the animal. Impressed by Negao’s loyalty, the two families came to adopt him. But Negao managed to escape from their home and returned to the hospital to continue to wait.

Hospital staff are no longer looking for someone to adopt the dog, but are teaming up with a local animal welfare organization to care for Negao until he’s ready to leave. A veterinarian is responsible for checking the dog’s health, and the hospital also sends someone for regular walks.

“The dog will stay with us until he decides whether he wants to leave or stay,” said Giselle Bianchi, director of the hospital. “If he stays here, we’ll give him the care, warmth and love he needs.”

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