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The oldest eel in the world dies

Residents of the coastal town of Brantevik in southern Sweden wished the world’s oldest eel beer died at the age of 155.

Ale Kjellman, owner of Ale, said that Ale was thrown into a well by a boy in 1859 – the same year that the first oil wells drilled in the United States, the Big Ben clock bell (London, United Kingdom) vibrates. First name and Charles Dickens presented the famous book “A Tale of Two Cities”.

In Sweden, people regularly throw eels into wells to keep them away from flies and other insects.

“It’s great that this has been lived for so long. It has gone through two world wars” – said Kjellman.

Kjellman accidentally bought the house that Ale owned in 1962.

“I was very surprised when I opened the well and found it in there. It looked like it had been there for quite a while. Eels usually only live about 7 years and that’s just too strange. “

Ale has unusually large eyes which help her to live well in good shade.

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