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Catch strange colorful perches in Vinh Long

Slapping a ditch to catch fish, a farmer in Vinh Long grabbed an exotic yellow perch, 20cm taller and weighing around 250g.

Con cá rô kỳ lạ tại Vĩnh Long.

On April 3, Mr. Nguyen Khoa Nam (born 1989, living in Hoa Thanh commune, Tam Binh district, Vinh Long province) said that one day ago, he and his family members had slapped a ditch at the back of the house to stop it. fish.

After emptying the water from the ditch, everyone immediately went down to participate in catching the fish. While catching fish, Mr. Nam suddenly discovered a strange yellow perch in front of him, so he took it ashore and dropped it into a bucket of water.

Or believe Mr. Nam caught a strange yellow anabas. Seeing that the perch has a beautiful golden color, Mr Nam took a photo and posted it on social media to show it to everyone.

According to observation, the aforementioned yellow perch is found at most of Mr. Nam’s palm, estimated to be around 200g – 250g, longer than 20cm.

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