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Big trunks burnt from the inside

People found out that a large tree had been burnt down from the burning fire from inside, but the outer bark was still normal.

Rare scenes recorded and shared by Benjamin Garland on November 15 show a large tree in New South Wales, Australia, glowing from the inside, but the outer bark is hardly affected. . The fire may have burned for days before a big fire swept through the forest

“I discovered that the tree trunk had been burnt by the fire on returning from the fire. The fire was put out the next day and only a thin shell and wood remained on the outside,” Garland said. .

The reason for this bizarre phenomenon is currently unknown, but according to a similar case recorded in Texas, United States, last month, it could be linked to the honey fungus, a parasitic species that feeds on. The trunk of the ant is hollow. This causes the wood inside to catch fire before it is exposed to the fire.

In addition, lightning can also cause burns to indoor plants, according to IFL Science. The reason is that sap conducts electricity and heat better than wood, so when struck by lightning, it is burnt at a very high temperature in a short period of time, causing strong pressure from the l ‘inside, causing burning of the trunk or even. explodes.

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