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Two-mouthed salmon bites the American fishing rod

The salmon weighs about 3 kg, has a unique appearance, so it is enough to take a few photos after capture, and then release them to the sea.

Debbie Geddes, a member of the Knotty Boys Fishing group, caught the strange creature while fishing with her husband on Lake Champlain on August 16. At first, when he saw that the fishing rod was pulled, Geddes assumed it was a big fish. However, she caught a full-sized salmon (Salvelinus namaycush) and had two mouths.

“We quickly took a few photos and then released them,” Geddes said. Adam Facteau, another member of the Knotty Boys Fishing group, said he had never seen a fish like this. It weighs about 2.7-3.2 kg, beautiful and healthy.

The photos posted by Facteau on social networks have attracted a lot of attention. “People all over the world have been discussing the cause of a bipedal salmon. Many have suggested that he was injured as a child. Some biologists say it could be a flaw. born genetically, ”he says. Facteau is currently unable to determine the exact cause.

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