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Are humans the only species that can laugh?

Laughing seems to be a behavior that only humans have, other species will express joy in a different way. But the latest scientific research shows the opposite result: animals can laugh too.

Thanks to previously published studies on animal behavior, scientists in California (USA) have discovered that animals such as cows, dogs, foxes, seals, hyenas, mongooses … can also make sounds similar to laughter. to express emotions and warn their opponents.

Study authors, anthropologists Sasha Winkler and Professor Greg Bryant, said the team collected audio recordings of the animals and then analyzed information about the intensity of the sound, long or intermittent, high or low, monotonous or rhythmic.

However, there is a big difference between human and animal laughter. Usually when people laugh, people provide information to let others know that they are having fun and also invite others to have fun.

Some researchers have already suggested that this type of vocalizing behavior occurs in many animals when they are playing. But anthropologist Sasha Winkler and Professor Greg Bryant have found that every animal’s “laughter” is different. Not all animals smile to be happy.

For example, hyenas often laugh when they feel threatened, attacked, or just when they are upset. Older hyenas tended to “laugh” in the bass, while younger hyenas “laughed” with a richer, higher pitch.

The team believes that further studies on the emission of sounds in nature will be very useful. This helps us to better understand the morphology and function of laughter in humans and its role in the evolution of social behavior.

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