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99% of you won’t know what this “monster” is

The natural world has many strange points. This is not a new discovery, sometimes only very familiar creatures, you may not have realized it yet.

The natural world can contain a lot of weird creatures that you have never known – something everyone surely understands.

However, sometimes this quirk comes from extremely familiar creatures, but just being slightly different is enough to become a monstrous creature. For example, in the image below, what do you think it is?

This creature has been bursting onto social media for a few days now, because after knowing his identity, people seem … unable to help share.

Let’s see if you are like that! It is a hedgehog that is in a 100% “naked” state, that is, there are no thorns.

Speaking of porcupine, the image we think of has to be a creature that looks a bit like a mouse, but has a rather rough coat, with spikes on its back. However, porcupines with people have one similarity, that is, they are also … bald. With “bald” hedgehogs, the hairs on them – including the tips, will fall out, exposing the bare skin.

99% bạn sẽ không biết sinh vật quái thai này là con gì - Ảnh 2.

Common hedgehog and a porcupine with hairless

The hedgehog in the photo above is the same. Its name is Nelson, a hairless porcupine found by the Norfolk Wildlife Rescue Center in Norfolk (United Kingdom). With such a body, it cannot exist in the wild, so it forces people to help.

And the fact also shows that the hedgehog lives very comfortably with humans. Every day, he comfortably benefits from all the “care services” provided by the rescue specialists: from catering, entertainment, oil massage …

“We don’t know what caused her to lose all her hair and spikes,” said Tonia Garner, manager of Foxy Lodge. “It’s a mystery, but this hedgehog is still alive until he grows up. His health is also very good, except that he is bald.”

Some claim that Nelson suffered stress hair loss after an event in nature, as there are many similar cases. Hair that has been lost can no longer grow back, even if medication is applied daily.

We know that this hedgehog was found in early 2017, but he has recently been feverish again on social networks. Looking at him is pitiful as well, but through it also helps us realize how important “clothes” are.

For example, the “naked” child below for example. You know what it is? It’s an owl!

99% bạn sẽ không biết sinh vật quái thai này là con gì - Ảnh 4.

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