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A super long tornado has appeared in the skies of Canada

A very long tornado suddenly appeared in the sky of Canada, making everyone look terrified

A tornado is a phenomenon when a tornado moves over a lake or ocean, resembling a column of white water, often accompanied by thunder.

Numerous images and videos circulating on social media show a tornado with a large cloud of dust appearing in the Arcy region, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Danae Serfas, a local resident, said: “After the tornado passed, we saw a moose come out of the field.

Environment Canada has confirmed three tornadoes, a straight line vortex and heavy hail between June 15 and June 16.

In this appearance, the tornado looks like small ropes. In fact, most tornadoes start and end their life cycle as a tornado before turning into a wider spiral and then dissipating.

Despite their small size, rope tornadoes can still pose a danger to many people in their path.

Environment Canada meteorologists have taken to social media to warn of hot and windy conditions and storms, with the potential for severe thunderstorms producing golf ball-sized hail and gusty winds.

According to local reports, the tornado swept through a residential area but did not cause significant damage. Currently, Environment Canada meteorologists are monitoring a severe thunderstorm moving northeast at 20 kilometers per hour.

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