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Genetically mutant pigs have proboscis, big ears like elephants

Locals in the Pramaoy region of western Cambodia speak of a monstrous piglet with a trunk and large ears that resemble elephants.

Photos posted on social media show this very thin, weak animal unable to open its eyes and walk normally with this bizarre appearance. Whether this pig is alive or dead is still not known and no one can explain why it has such an unusual body.

In mid-February of this year, a piglet was born with two testes in place of eyes. Images of the existence of this special creature have been posted to social media after people used human measures to bring it into the “afterlife.”

Last year there were also two cases of piglets born with deformities, such as the case of a pig with male genitals on the forehead in China and Scotland, or a pig with a monkey face discovered in Cuba last month.

The Cuban “pig monkey” has a short nose, as well as ears and eyes similar to those of monkeys. However, he died only 4 days after his birth. Many people believe that it may be the result of environmental pollution.

Previously, in 2014, a pig with a strange shape, a pig face with elephant ears, like this also appeared in China, but only survived 2 hours after it was born because it did not have of mouth. The pig was frozen as proof that such a strange creature existed.

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