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Goats face panic from Argentinian people

A young goat with a human face in Argentina left locals so scared they had to call the police.

The baby goat was born this week with bulging eyes and a flat face in central Argentina’s San Luis province, according to Mirror. The animal did not live until three hours after birth.

The owner, Gladys Oveido, was shocked and confused when he first saw the goat with a strange face bearing many characteristics similar to that of a human. The animal was one of three young goats lying in the fields of Oveido.

“As soon as I saw him, I realized he was deformed. He had protruding eyes but a normal body,” Oveido said.

Oveido fed the young goat milk with a spoon but his health deteriorated. “I noticed his breath got weaker and after a while he died,” Oveido said.

Oveido’s daughter-in-law shared photos of the deformed goat on social media, prompting panicked residents to notify police to investigate.

Oveido wasn’t sure why the goat was born with such distorted features, but this was the first time this had happened in the area.

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