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5 interesting birds selected as “National Bird”

Try to “think” and discover the characteristics of England, Papua New Guinea, Bahamas, United States and Australia through the iconic birds!

A national symbol is the most characteristic thing of a country, expressing its point of view in its relations with international friends. Every country in the world has at least one symbol that represents itself, from animals, trees to objects or landscapes.

1. European – English Tatters

The European robin is a small insectivorous bird that lives in West Siberia, North Africa, and Europe (especially Britain). This bird is very easy to “identify” thanks to its prominent orange bib on its gray-brown plumage. Legend has it that when Jesus was nailed to the cross, a robin flew beside him, singing softly into his ear to ease his pain. The blood of God was stained red in the bird’s chest. From then on, birds were born with this sacred mark on them.
According to legend, this bird’s orange bra is the mark of the blood of Jesus.

European dresses are able to adapt to the environment very well. They love to nestle in discarded items such as kettles, old buckets … and love to stay close when people are looking for earthworms. Coming to England, one can find their pretty little shape anywhere, from forests, farms to gardens and parks. It is estimated that in the UK alone there are over 4 million pairs of this species. They were chosen by the British as the country’s national symbol after an (unofficial) vote in the 1960s.

Robes generally live very close to humans.

2. Bird of Paradise – Papua New Guinea
We are certainly no strangers to the country of Papua New Guinea – the beautiful island nation of Northwest Australia with extremely rich flora and fauna, especially birds of paradise.

The Bird of Paradise is one of the most beautiful birds on the planet.

Birds of paradise love to live in tropical forests as there are many of their “favorites” such as worms, arthropods, and ripe fruit. Wearing wings in colorful equatorial colors: red, orange, yellow, pink, blue, green … with a long long tail, the birds of paradise are immersed in the “Seductive” mating dance “to attract the hens.

The enchanting dances of the birds of paradise.

In Papua New Guinea, the bird of paradise has become an indispensable part of all cultural activities, especially religion. Thousands of years ago, native people used the feathers and skin of birds of paradise for their jewelry and rituals. Today, festivals singing, dancing like birds, putting on makeup with feathers or watching birds dance … are still held regularly every year.

Papua New Guinea is indeed the land of the birds of paradise when it has up to three quarters of the birds of paradise available on Earth.

An aboriginal from Papua with a very unique feather hat.

Flag of Papua New Guinea with 5 stars, representing 5 large islands and the bird of paradise in the right corner.

3. Caribbean flamingos – Bahamas

Bahamas – Caribbean island nation with a very pleasant tropical climate was chosen by the flamingos as a resort. They live in very large groups, sometimes up to tens of thousands in shallow waters where many types of algae and molluscs are found such as lakes, lagoons, swamps.

Flamingos have striking red fur with a variety of shades ranging from pale pink to vermilion. However, it is not a born hair color, but due to a type of green algae that they eat, capable of converting hair to pink during digestion.

The carotenoid pigment found in the favorite algae of flamingos gives their feathers a pink color.

Flamingos love to stand on one leg, either because this position helps them reduce body temperature loss when standing in water, or simply standing up like this makes them feel relaxed and rested.

Not only is the fur shiny, but flamingos also have long, slender legs and a “lazy” walk – extremely slow and gentle. They live in peace, have no enemies and are hardly ever hunted. This charming and gentle bird was chosen as the symbol of the island nation of the Bahamas, representing the people of here.

Image of flamingos on coins of the Bahamas.

4. Bald Eagle – America

Unlike the flamingo, the North American bald eagle has a mighty and mighty appearance with a wingspan of over 2 meters, sharp eyes and extremely strong claws. With their precise attack and lightning dive at speeds of up to 160 km / h, they become predators that dominate the valley.

Bald eagle.

The bald eagle lives alone on the towering peaks, freely spreading its wings gliding in the valley below or soaring into the vast sky above. A bald eagle can live up to 30 years – a much longer lifespan than other birds.

Bald eagle with unlimited free life in the wild.

These powerful characteristics have made the bald eagle an ideal symbol of America’s power and freedom – the world’s leading power, a country where every citizen demands to be set free. thought of words, of actions. The image of a bald eagle appears on the dollar, the American emblem, the coat of arms of the president and many other federal agencies such as the National Assembly, the Upper House of Representatives and the Supreme Court …

Bald eagle – a symbol of American power and freedom.

5. Australian ostriches – Australia

Although slightly smaller than their African parents, the Australian ostrich (or emu) can also reach 2m tall and weigh 60kg. They cannot fly like other birds due to their short wings and weak sternum. However, thanks to their high and strong legs, they become the best grassland and desert marathon athletes at speeds of up to 50 km / h. But you know, this “running bird” has pretty good swimming ability too!

Ostrich – a great desert marathon runner.

The Australian ostrich is also famous for its curiosity and … easy charm. They are easily attracted to strange noises or funny moving objects. Taking advantage of this feature, the Australian Aborigines would simply whistle or tie a multi-colored handkerchief to a stick and let it float in the wind, and the curious ostriches immediately fell into the trap.

The ostriches are curious in front of the camera.

Kanguru and the ostrich are two animals that always run forward, can only move forward, not backward. Therefore, the Australians chose them as national symbols, representing the progress and development of the country.

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