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8 incredible animals around the world

Baby whales increase 200 kg / day, elephants have 11 kg brains, animals are selfless …

The crocodile is a big animal, it swallows almost everything from small fish, turtles, lions to antelopes. To protect their territory, they even devour other crocodiles.

2. Baby whales eat a diet high in fat

For whales reproduction is very difficult, whales occupy 1/3 of the length of the mother fish. Whale’s milk is very fatty, 10 times more fat than breast milk when it comes to raising children. This is what accelerates the growth of baby whales, increasing by 200 kg per day.

3. How do beavers hibernate?

To avoid cold winters and loss of energy, beavers rely on fat stored in their tails. Because they are not aware of light, they are not aware of sleep. During this time, they develop the “ability to operate free circadian rhythms” in a 29-hour day.

4. Are moles really blind?

Although they have eyes, moles only use them to detect changes in the air instead of observing foreign objects on approach. If there is a ray of light, they will immediately be alerted to a predator entering their tunnel.

5. Are the animals disinterested?

Chickens perform their “relative selection” through a special chirp while eating. Dolphins support injured animals by swimming and helping them breathe on the surface, while chimpanzees share food with other members of the animal group.

6. Fish and exotic mating

Some species of fish, such as sharks and rays, continue to mate with a certain “friend” throughout life. But for other species like the parrot fish or the blue sea fish, it is normal to change “you” to mate. This change is a certain response of the hormonal cycle or environmental changes such as pollution. There are special species that have both male and female sex organs.

7. Elephants and their giant brains

With a brain weighing 11 kg, the elephant has been named the animal with the largest brain in the world. Intelligence in animals is measured in EQ, as shown by associations between brain size and the ability to successfully overcome obstacles. The EQ of elephants is 1.88, chimpanzees is 2.45 and pigs is 0.27. They aren’t stupid at all, are they?

8. Parrot and the ability to speak

For parrots, it’s more than screaming. According to a study, the past three decades have shown that they listen to more than copy. A parrot can understand some words like a 4-6 year old. Additionally, parrots have conceptual distinctions such as “equal” and “different”, “greater than” and “less”, and numbers. A study conducted in early 2007 came up with the idea of using a parrot’s speech model to develop artificial speaking skills in robots.

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