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5 big dogs that make people “admire”

Hulk, Yogi, Giant George, Zeus, Zorba … are the biggest dogs in the world.


True to the name Hulk (giant), this dog is only 2 years old but weighs 80 kg, which is three times more than other dogs of the same species. He has been affectionately called by netizens “the greatest pit bull in the world”.

According to the owner of this dog – couple Marlon and Lisa Grennan (in New Hampshire, USA) said, although he has a great appearance with impressive canines, he is very gentle.

5 chú chó to lớn khiến con người "bái phục" - 2

They even let their young son ride on the dog’s back as if they were riding a horse. With each meal, this dog eats about 2 kg of beef and many other foods high in protein.

Yogi dog

When first adopted, the Yogi dog was a Great Dane, weighing only 0.6 kg, but 9 years later he was 158 times bigger. The owner of this dog is Sue Markham (57 years old, from Gainsborough, England).

5 chú chó to lớn khiến con người "bái phục" - 3

Currently, the weight of this dog is 95 kg, the length from the nose to the end of the tail is 2.08 m. Yogi costs 160 pounds of food / month (over 5 million dong).

Giant George Dog

Giant George is an uncle of the Green Great Dane, with a height of over 1m from foot to foot. If he stood only on his hind legs, he could be almost 2 meters tall.

5 chú chó to lớn khiến con người "bái phục" - 4

Not only the breakthrough in height, even George’s 112kg weight also makes people “admire”.

5 chú chó to lớn khiến con người "bái phục" - 5

He was even named on the 2010 Guinness World Records list as the tallest dog in the world. Giant George was born November 17, 2005, died October 17, 2013

The dog Zeus

The dog Zeus, living in the US state of Michigan, belongs to the Great Dane. Its owner is Mrs. Kevin Doorlag. Zeus is the size of a donkey with his feet at the shoulder measures 1.12 m and weighs almost 75 kg.

5 chú chó to lớn khiến con người "bái phục" - 6

Zeus was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest dog in the world in 2012. This animal standing on its hind legs is 2.20 cm. The dog died on September 3, 2014.

Zorba the dog

Zorba, the dog living in London held the Guinness World Record for the largest dog in 1989. He belongs to the English Mastiff breed, born in 1981.

5 chú chó to lớn khiến con người "bái phục" - 7

At the age of 8, Zorba was 2.51 m from nose to tip of tail, weighing 156 kg. If the current Zorba is still alive, the record for the largest dog will surely belong to him.

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