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5 “half-children” of nature that no one thinks are real

The following hybrid animals will surprise you with the magic of nature.

An animal that is a child of two different parents that you have probably heard of. Like the mule – a cross between a horse and a donkey, or a tiger lion – a tiger lion (a cross between a lion and a tiger).

However, be sure that the other hybrid animals below will surprise you with the magic of nature.

1. Wholphin – whale dolphin

Wholphin is the result of a combination of false orcas and dolphins. The mule is a bottlenose dolphin, but it is shaped like a killer whale. Therefore, the wholphin hybrid also carries the characteristics of both species.

Currently, there is only one “authentic” wholphin in the world – Kekaimalu in Hawaii (USA). This fish was born very randomly, when people kept a fake fish a tiger and a female dolphin in one place.


Wholphin is both like a dolphin and like a whale?

Kekaimalu’s birth was a big surprise and caught the attention of the whole world. And in particular, Kekaimalu is able to reproduce and has given birth to 3 litters.

2. Leopon – journalist

The hybrid between a tiger and a lion is the tigon (lion tiger) and the liger (lion tiger). So what is a hybrid between a lion and a leopard? The answer is Leopon (leopard – lion) – reporter.

Heterogeneous mating between lions and leopards is reported to be quite common in Africa. In practice, however, most of the known leopons are in captivity, the last leopon having died in 1985.


Some pictures of leopons were taken at the zoo

As the name suggests, cheetahs will look like both cheetahs and lions. They will be about the size of a lioness, with leopard-like spots but light brown in color.


In adulthood, the male leopard will have a lion-shaped mane – around 8 inches long, but unable to maintain the breed as it is a hybrid of a different species. However, the female leopon is fertile, so she can choose to live with lions or live alone as a leopard.

3. Coywolf

The Coywolf is a hybrid wolf breed that lives in North America. Their parents are western coyotes and eastern gray wolves.

However, the birth of the coywolf was caused by humans. Eastern gray wolves have been hunted to near extinction in the past because they affected the lives of people here.


When the gray wolf population declined, the coyote began to migrate here – and the coywolf was born as a result.

This new breed of wolf has all the characteristics of both species, but with it are the remarkable traits, such as the larger body size, tall and long legs, and stronger jaws. They have a very good adaptability to difficult natural conditions and the ability to hunt in groups is very perfect.


However, unlike the leopard monk, the coywolf was bred between two wolves, so they are always fertile. Additionally, some have suggested that the coywolf even possesses the genes of certain species of dogs (like the Doberman or the German big-gie), and as a result we have a creature that is “above the best” adaptive. .

Therefore, you may not be very surprised to know that this wolf species is now invading all parts of North America and Canada, numbering in the millions.

4. Zonkey – Zonkey

You might have guessed it too: Zonkey – a zebra – is a cross between a zebra and a donkey.

This combination is quite rare in the wild because even if they are closely related, these two species are unlikely to cross. Most recently – April 21, 2014, a zebra was born at the Reynosa Zoo, Mexico.


It looks really funny

Like mules, zonkeys are not breeding because the chromosomes of the two species are not equal. Hybrids are born with the appearance and characteristics of both parents: legs … “short” and have long donkey hair, with characteristic zebra stripes.

5. Grolar Bear – the combination of “virtual pans”

Although the habitats live very far apart, but believe it, polar bears and grizzly bears have a “common child,” Grolar.


Like Snow White and Bao Cong

Scientists believe it was the result of the melting that caused the polar bears to move south – reaching grizzly bear habitat. As a result, new cubs were born.


Who are you in this life …

Hybrids are born with a coat color that is a mixture of white and gray from the parents. However, Grolar’s character is more prone to polar bears. Hybrid bears are observed to tend to break apart, throw stones – just as polar bears often break ice and throw prey to the shore.


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