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When did cats take to the world?

This world belongs to the “bosses”, and humans have given them everything – cats.

It is often said that this world is truly that of a cat. In fact, “bosses” seem to be born to be worshiped by humans.

There is no way in this entire world except Antarctica that all continents have boss prints.

But the origin of this “invasion” process is still being fully discussed by scientists. According to design so far, the ancient Egyptians were the first figures to bring cats back to humans.

It turns out, however, that cats have deeper origins, and this was officially confirmed by the largest cat study ever.

Loài mèo đã bắt đầu xâm chiếm thế giới từ khi nào? - Ảnh 2.

Cats have been domesticated much longer than humans imagined

More precisely, experts from the Jacques Monod Institute (France) have shown that in history, there have been 2 times when cats have been domesticated. And the first people to do this were the Near Eastern race (Near East – the region includes many countries not identified in the history of Southwest Asia).

As a result, farmers in the Near East were successful in domesticating wild cats 9,000 years ago. A few thousand years later, it was the turn of the ancient Egyptians to continue this process.

“There have been two times that the cat has been domesticated – once in the Middle East, and once long after that in Egypt” – said Eva-Maria Geigl, head of the research team.

“Cats then travel the world via merchant ships. They are the two ancestors of modern cats.”

Loài mèo đã bắt đầu xâm chiếm thế giới từ khi nào? - Ảnh 3.

Tools to kill rats for … “generals” of each family

Cats aren’t always lazy creatures, who hang around indoors all day like bosses today.

Cats were first released into fields or warehouses on merchant ships to kill rats, experts say. They spent thousands of years doing this, before officially becoming human pets.

Loài mèo đã bắt đầu xâm chiếm thế giới từ khi nào? - Ảnh 4.

Cat bones appear in many ancient graves

To get the results, the team isolated mitochondrial DNA (something passed down from generation to generation) from more than 200 ancient cat breeds. The source of DNA is from Viking tombs, Egyptian mummies, and Stone Age ruins.

As a result, DNA markers show that cats were domesticated 9,000 years ago in the Near East. Several thousand years later, cats appeared in Europe during Roman times and thanks to Viking ships.

It should be noted that the loofah does not seem to have appeared until the Middle Ages. DNA traces show that these are mutated genes and only appeared in cats in western Turkey in the 14th century.

Loài mèo đã bắt đầu xâm chiếm thế giới từ khi nào? - Ảnh 5.

The grouper is a mutation that only appeared in the Middle Ages

“Very few cat traits changed in the 19th century, at least compared to dogs. Cats are a combination of many useful traits, so there is no need to change it.

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