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“The Pig King” received special care, weighing almost 1 ton

Not only cooking rice and private food every day, “The Pig King” is also allowed to take a bath, massage and listen to music every day.

Two years ago, Mr. Liaoning Quoc Thanh, living in Three Gorges, Taiwan, China, caught a black pig on a breeding farm. Mr. Lieu said that from the first glance he had a special love for this pig. He even carefully asked the Feng Shui master before deciding to buy this pig.

This black pig is carefully bred and cared for by its owner. Therefore, many people compared him to a king of Mr. Lieu’s family and jokingly called “The Pig King”.

Each day, “The Pig King” is treated by Mr. Lieu on his own diet. Not only did he wash his pet on his own, but Mr. Lieu also massaged him and let him listen to music. In the hot summer “The Pig King” is allowed to lie on a fan and use a private heater during the cold winter. Thanks to this special care regime, the black pig reached a weight of 932 kg every day. Besides, it also has a sleek and clean body.

In the selection competition for the most “monumental” pig of the year, on January 21, Mr. Lieu’s “Pig King” won first place. Expected, he will participate in the parade of the region on the 6th of this year.

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