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The Extremely Important Thing About Eating Eggs

Eat no more than 3 fruits / day: If simply eating two egg yolks each morning exceeded the amount of cholesterol allowed to be absorbed, let alone other food sources in the daily meal.

In egg yolk, duck contains a lot of fat and cholesterol. Each 17g egg contains an average of 220 mg of cholesterol and a lot of fat, mostly saturated acid.

The body should not absorb more than 300 milligrams of cholesterol per day.

The main components of chicken eggs include albumin and ovoglobumin, which is completely protein, 99.7% absorbed by the body, after eating it will create “super” heat.

Chicken eggs are a food with high nutritional value, but not everyone eats them, it is good for you.

Many sick people often use eggs for food, but eating eggs can cause poisoning or more serious complications.

So it is better not to eat more than 3 egg yolks per week while egg whites can be unlimited as it is good for muscle growth.

Note when you eat raw eggs, raw eggs:

When you have a fever, you should not eat eggs, drink lots of water and add a little salt, eat lots of fresh vegetables, and limit foods high in protein.

When waking up sick, patients with low resistance should not eat eggs that are fresh, undercooked, or pounded in porridge or hot water.

Because the surface of the eggshell has many small holes, air and bacteria can penetrate and possibly even infect the salmonella bacteria found in the egg yolk.

Eating unripe eggs is prone to diarrhea: if you eat unripe eggs, it will be very difficult for the body to absorb the proteins (proteins) in the body.

At the same time, it can also infect the harmful bacteria that exist in the eggs and lead to diarrhea.

Do not drink soy milk when eating eggs: The proteins in eggs combine with the trypsin in soy milk, which hinders the process of protein breakdown and absorption in the body.

In the morning, people often have a habit of eating eggs combined with soy milk without knowing that the protein in the eggs will combine with the trypsin in soy milk, which hinders the process of breaking down and absorbing them. proteins by the body.

Don’t Put MS Glutamate in Eggs: Many housewives have a habit of adding MS Glutamate when whisking eggs to make fried eggs.

In terms of nutrition, this is a mistake. At high temperature, sodium, glutamic acid, chlorinated substances … in the egg combine and form the sodium salt of glutamic acid.

This substance is also a major component of MSG.

Therefore, the addition of monosodium glutamate when processing eggs will disrupt the texture of the natural sodium salt atoms, thereby reducing the nutritional content of the eggs.

Eggs cooked overnight should be discarded immediately: if the eggs are boiled with peaches, but after being left overnight, the nutrients in them produce bacteria.

If eating such modified eggs will be harmful to health. Because when cooking eggs, the protein is damaged, left overnight, so the nutritional value will be significantly reduced.

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