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The # 1 calcium rich food that is not milk is sure to be surprised!

Here are 5 foods rich in calcium several times higher than milk as reported by the National Institute of Nutrition (Vietnam) in the Vietnam Food Ingredients Table, 2007.

Top 5 foods rich in calcium than milk

During the cold winter we tend to go out less and have the opportunity to be out in the sun, which makes people more prone to vitamin D deficiency. In addition, a poor diet makes it easier for the baby. body. lack of calcium, causing osteoporosis and a significant increase in fractures.

In Vietnam, about 20% of Vietnamese women over the age of 60 show symptoms of osteoporosis, it is estimated that there are 17,000 femoral neck fractures (hip fracture) each year among women and 6,300 cases of fracture of the hip in men, this number will increase. 2 times in the next 20 years.

Many people believe that drinking bone broth can supplement calcium. In fact, experts point out that calcium in bones is often difficult to dissolve. In addition, bone broth does not contain a lot of calcium but is high in fat, mainly helps to gain weight.

According to Dr Xue Qingyun (orthopedic surgeon at Beijing Hospital): Many people drink a glass of milk in the morning in the hope that they can provide enough calcium during the day. However, in fact, the calcium content of milk is 120 mg / 100 g – it is not the most calcium-rich food. However, Dr Xue Qingyun claimed that drinking milk is still a good way to supplement calcium.

Dr Xue Qingyun says drinking milk is always a good way to supplement calcium.

But for people with allergies to milk, where can calcium supplementation go? Here are 5 foods rich in calcium that are several times higher than milk, as reported by the National Institute of Nutrition (Vietnam) in the Vietnam Food Ingredients Table, 2007. Specifically:

1. Fresh rice – 29 times more than milk

In 100g of fresh rice contains up to 3,520 mg of calcium.

According to the Institute of Nutrition, the food richest in calcium can be called fresh pulp. 100g of fresh rice contains up to 3,520 mg of calcium – 29 times more than milk.

Fresh rice is a family of crabs, consisting of small crabs, with slender bodies, yellow bellies, hairy legs, in fields or marshy fields. Brown dishes are not only sweet, fatty, but also nutritious, especially the soft shell, so you can chew the shell, the calcium concentrated in the shell is also a lot.

2. Dried shrimp – 17 times more than milk

Tép khô100 g of dried shrimp contain 2000 mg of calcium.

Everyone thinks that foods high in calcium must be extremely expensive, but the truth is the opposite. Dried shrimp, for example, is a popular dish high in calcium. According to the Institute of Nutrition, in 100g of dried shrimp contains 2000 mg of calcium.

Dried shrimp are small sea shrimp. After being fished ashore by fishermen, they can be dried and stored for long term use. Dried sea shrimp taste sweet, smooth and delicious and are rich in calcium. Plus, shrimp are high in magnesium, which helps regulate blood cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular disease.

3. Tofu – 4 times the milk

Đậu phụTofu contains iron, phosphorus, and other dietary fibers.

According to the Institute of Nutrition, in 100 g of tofu contains 510 mg of calcium. Not only that, tofu is also a vegetarian protein source that many people choose to consume. Tofu also contains iron, phosphorus, and other fibers that are good for digestion.

4. Sesame – 8 times the milk

Ginger is a kind of seed quite familiar to Vietnamese. In 100g of sesame contains 975 mg of calcium – 8 times more than milk. Plus, ginger is also high in fiber, which is effective in supporting digestive health. At the same time, helps lower blood pressure, has a great effect on beauty, smooth and youthful skin.

5. Wood ear – 3 times the milk

Many people will probably be surprised to learn that wooden ear is one of the foods richest in calcium. 100 g of ear of wood contain 357 mg of calcium. Plus, the wooden ear is high in fiber to help fight constipation, help the digestive system eliminate food, and lower blood sugar. The nucleic acid composition of the wood ear fungus can also reduce the amount of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Continued use can cleanse the lungs and prevent cardiovascular disease.

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