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Strange “alien” creatures, anyone who sees them must shudder

This creature is actually a worm, but there are characteristics that make everyone shudder when they see it.

Nature has endowed the Earth with many species of living creatures. Some can be extremely cute, but there are also many species that make us shiver.

One of these terrifying creatures is Nemertea (or ribbonworm) – creatures known as “aliens” due to their special properties such as the ability to release mucus, self-replication …

The name Nemertea must still be unknown to many people. In fact, they’re still a mystery researchers are investigating, and there is no definitive conclusion about this hideous invertebrate.

Worm Nemertea

According to scientific documents, it is a creature with a strange body structure, living mainly in the ice caps of Antarctica.

The width of the Nemertea worm is only about 2.5-4 cm wide, but the length of its body can be up to 30 m, or even up to 60 m – that is, more long than a blue whale.

Nemertea worms come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, with not only orange but also pink, red, yellow and even green.

Each year, more than 1,400 species of Nemertea worms are discovered on Earth. Until now, scientists have not understood how they reproduce and how they are distributed on our planet.

Hunting and cloning

When hungry, Nemertea worms can eat anything they see. The process of capturing the prey of a Nemertea worm is also very elaborate.

With a flexible body structure that allows it to shrink or stretch 10 times in length, Nemertea is the only creature with a trunk that can be knocked over in front of its head.

With their sharp proboscis, they can pierce the body of their prey. It then releases toxic mucus which attaches to its prey and paralyzes them. At this point, the Nemertea worm simply relaxes and enjoys its meal.

Khi đói, sâu Nemertea có thể ăn bất cứ thứ gì mà chúng nhìn thấy.

Nemertea worms shoot mud wherever they go to mark their own “territory”.

When cut or damaged in certain places, Nemertea worms as well as worms have the ability to regenerate and form new individuals.

However, this regeneration is finished. If the sinus structure is broken, even if the individual is cut in half, they will not be able to regenerate.

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